Friday, 30 June 2017


Those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter will know that this past month has been dedicated to reader requests. I have an ever-growing list of requests, of which many have sadly not been so successful in getting them to work. If you haven't seen your suggested game in the last month, keep reading after the jump to hear if it was one of my failed attempts. There's also the usual site news and a couple of game updates in there too!

A lot of my recent Chamber time has been spent trying - and often times failing - to get your requests to work, but that's not to say nothing else has been done. To begin with, I've made more progress with updating how screenshots are presented on older posts, making them easier to view and the page look cleaner.

I've also finally succumbed to including a PayPal donation button (it's on the sidebar on the right). Some of you have asked how you could show your appreciation and suggested something like this so here it is. Alternatively, a word of thanks and a spread of the word will always be gratefully appreciated.

Anyway, here's some notes on my failed request attempts. If your request isn't mentioned here, I've probably not got round to it or I have and am saving it for later.

The Dark Side of the Moon - This has been requested several times by several people. It's a great game that uses an upgraded version of the same engine as Temujin. It plays smoothly and is probably completable too. The problem is that for some reason the "Magic Pink" bitmaps aren't displaying correctly. This means that the colour in an image which would normally be read as transparent now shows as pink. It makes the image look quite ugly and it would more than likely affect a puzzle or two later down the line. With this in mind, I decided against putting it on the site.

Dementia: Armed and Delirious - This quirky (to put it politely) adventure does play under an emulated Windows 95 DOSBox build, but it often crashes or stutters. It also has some graphical glitches.

Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza - This FPS was released in what I like to call the 'no man's period'. From about 1999-2006, games are very hit and miss as to if they'll work. There often too advanced for any emulators to run them and are no longer supported enough to have them work well on modern OS's. This is sadly one of them. All I got was crashes.

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - This is another game that kinda works well of an emulated Windows 95 using DOSBox. The problem is that there are moments in the game where it slows to a crawl. This happens when any detailed textures are on screen, for example, the title screen or a close-up of a book. Everything else runs fine with no graphical glitches (I've completed 2 levels), but if that slowdown happens during play - which it's likely to do in later levels - it will be unplayable.

John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles - A Windows '95 game. It crashes during installation, so I couldn't even get to run the game.

There are just 2 minor game updates to talk about, which are mentioned below...

Heart of China

        Updated to Version 2
        Added WHDLoad support for Amiga version,
            removing the need for disk swapping
Return of the Phantom

        Updated to Version 2
        Changed resolution to suit all desktops


  1. Wow! Well at least you've been trying man (so glad you were trying to work on Die Hard, yeah I've been able to install it directly even in windows 10...but it NEVER could play straight no matter what I do)

    Um maybe this could be easier to do since it'll just require a PS3/Xbox360 emulation...Condemned 2 Bloodshot. It's unlikely this'll ever be PC Ported so maybe you can provide the next best thing

    1. I've not tried PS3 emulation yet, but from what I gather it's a bit spotty (XB360 seems non-existent). It may a while before I can do it adequately. It's a good game though. I have it on my PS3 - one of the few to truly creep me out when playing.

    2. Well here's hoping

      Also FYI "I" have been able to get Die Hard installed and playing on my computer once it's all patched up...the only problem is I can't ever seem to properly force the FPS to 60 and force VSYNC. Because of that I'm one of those stuck with the stupid "Skipping cutscenes" and "Unplayible mouse control in the gameplay" problems

  2. First of all a great site! I love that you are covering those hard to fix games from the end of 90's that GOG and ScummVM can't get to work.

    Might I have 2 suggestions for next games? X-Files (7 CD adventure game) and Black Dahlia. Both are good FMV games that have several hoops to get working. I have the files if you are interested.

    1. I have both (big box too!) but the sheer no. of disks is a problem I haven't fixed yet. Windows 95 on DOSBox doesn't allow for more than 6 CDs or 2GB hard drives. Not tried Black Dahlia, but X-Files seems to work with minor slowdown. It's just a matter of getting the whole game in there.

  3. Hey Biff,
    Check your inbox :)